Belongil rock wall funding revealed

IT'S the rock wall you have when you don't really need a rock wall, according to a Byron Shire residents group.

Now the council will keep a foot in each camp, with an interim $1.2m rock wall at Manfred St, Belongil, going ahead and a promise to look at planned retreat as part of its coastal management plan later this year.

Planned retreat allows natural processes to take place without building large engineering structures to counteract those processes.

Byron council's director of sustainable environment and economy, Shannon Burt, said the Belongil works were a separate project to the draft Coastal Zone Management Plan Byron Bay Embayment.


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She said a cost benefit analysis, to be presented in August 2015, would include options such as seawalls, a small scale sand bypass and groynes and would also look at planned retreat.

"The question is still why are they building the rock wall at all," ratepayer and former engineer Andrew Winton-Brown, part of Byron Residents Group, said.

"Once these funds are drained, what happens when something else needs doing?"

The group says only $300,000 is being borne by those who have properties on the beach, for what is only a 10-year solution.

Mr Holloway said while there was currently no state funding for the works, the NSW Office of Environment will be asked to reconsider funding $300,000 towards the project.



A quotation to construct an interim rock wall for Manfred Street, Belongil, has been awarded to Hardings Earthworks at a total cost of $1,225,047, excluding GST.

A total of $300,000 will come from private landholders.

The remaining $967,000 for the interim works will come from these council funds:

  • Beach protection works - $90,000
  • Coastal rectification Works - $241,500
  • Infrastructure Services 2013/14 carry over reserve - $140,000
  • Infrastructure renewal reserve - $458,000
  • Employee entitlements reserve- $37,500

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