The BMW 335i has instilled new life ito the wagon genre.
The BMW 335i has instilled new life ito the wagon genre. Contributed

Family wagon with BMW styling

“THEY can't win a war but by damn the Germans can build a car.”

My learned pal was bang on the money as we basked in the thoughtfulness of those behind the propeller badge.

Because, while this may well be a wagon, it's possibly the greatest ally a family can have. Albeit at a cost.

For just under 140 grand this is an expensive chariot for the relations. But it's premium comfort and chock-full of premium extras.

You can get into a 5 Series wag-on for under $100,000 (the first time since the late '90s) if you choose the oil-burner, although those with the extra coin will appreciate the range-topping additions you receive with the 335i derivative.

This is a machine brimming with the finest of technologies. It even trumps the big 7 Series limo with some of its features.

It took about 50 metres for the BMW 335i to make a lasting impression.

Plush and quiet, from take-off the Beemer wagon felt worthy of the price tag.

Playing a pivotal role was the standard Dynamic Driving Control combined with the optional Dynamic Damper Control which offers four modes – Normal, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus – that adjust steering, throttle, transmission and stability control responses.

Starting out in comfort mode, the tourer floated over bumps with little noise ever making its way into the cabin.

When you sink the boot in sport mode things can be a little more raucous and you actually hear an exhaust note, but for the most it's silky smooth operation.

On the road

While slightly longer than its four-door sibling, you lose nothing in driving dynamics.

The wagon feels every bit as sure-footed and agile as the sedan. Changing direction is done with ease and you can really throw it around like a sports car, courtesy of the trademark BMW feel through the steering.

The sprint time of 0-100kmh in 6.1 seconds is testament to the sporting intentions.

Spending the extra $2650 on the Dynamic Damper Control does provide a magic carpet ride.

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