Yangan’s Halvor “H2O” Guy and his son Vincent with his monster of a pumpkin, weighed on Sunday at 134kg.
Yangan’s Halvor “H2O” Guy and his son Vincent with his monster of a pumpkin, weighed on Sunday at 134kg.

The 'Battler' weighs in at 134kg

EVEN when his green thumbs aren’t at their healthiest, Yangan’s Halvor Guy proves he can still grow the biggest pumpkins in the region.

The avid gardener – known fondly by locals as H2O – looks forward to his weekly Sunday visit to his Yangan farm after suffering a stroke and now spending most of his time in Warwick Hospital.

Halvor’s sons Peter and Vincent couldn’t wait for the most recent trip, where they helped their dad weigh in the biggest pumpkin he has ever grown, tipping the scales at a whopping 134kg.

“We had to cut it in half to weigh it – it’s twice as big as any other pumpkin Dad has grown,” Peter said.

While that was a little of an overstatement (with Halvor appearing on the front page of the Daily News back in 2009 with a 110kg monster) there’s no denying this pumpkin was a battler just like the bloke who grew it.

“It went through both floods earlier in the year,” Peter explained.

“Dad planted two giant pumpkin seeds and only one struck – it nearly washed out of the ground during the first flood but we put it back in and put soil back around it.

“Dad’s been in hospital since the 5th of February so it’s been left to grow with not as much attention from his green thumbs.”

Whether H’s weekly visits proved just the ticket to keeping the pumpkin growing strong is yet to be proven, but his work in the garden isn’t over now the pumpkin has been cut up and ready to be fed to the cattle.

“We have 120 Queensland Blues ready to pick next weekend,” Peter said.

Joking about a “bit of a long-standing friendly rivalry” with local member Lawrence Springborg, who took out the giant pumpkin section of the 2010 Inglewood Show with a 304kg giant, Peter quipped his old man had one up on ‘The Borg’ this year at least.

Waving a photograph showing Mr Springborg and his son Thomas pictured at the Yetman Giant Pumpkin Weigh-In held just before Easter, Peter reckoned Halvor’s floods survivor was the clear winner.

“Here he is with his foot up resting on his pumpkins – you couldn’t get your foot up on our monster,” Peter laughed.

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