Bashing charges 'a prison setup' inmate tells court

A GLADSTONE man accused of a vicious prison bashing has been granted bail after claiming the charges are the result of another inmate's vendetta.

Graeme Peter Warde was in prison in March 2016 when another man punched a fellow prisoner in the head.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard the man lay on the floor after the punch and Mr Warde allegedly stomped on his fingers, head and back, threatened him and demanded a $50 weekly payment.

The court heard the man did not tell authorities about the alleged assault for months and Mr Warde was not interviewed about it for about a year.

In court on Friday, Mr Warde denied being involved and said another inmate had set him up.

He said a statement the prosecution relied on that he had stomped on the man's fingers was a "complete fabrication".

"I'm innocent, your honour. I did not do this," he said.

"Where is the CCTV footage?"

Mr Warde said he wanted to quit drugs to prove to his children he could.

The court heard Mr Warde had been behind bars awaiting trial for more than nine months.

Justice David Boddice said Mr Warde risked spending more time behind bars waiting to be tried than he would be sentenced to if he was found guilty.

Mr Warde was granted bail but given a curfew, ordered to live at a Gladstone address, stay off drugs, submit to random police drug tests and do anger management courses with a doctor. -NewsRegional

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