Bali's decade of mourning

Bali bombing 2002
Bali bombing 2002

IT'S been 10 years since the first Bali bombing, but Byron Bay's Doug and Maggi Luke admit they are still a little nervous about their children travelling to Indonesia.

The couple's daughter, Hanabeth, was one of the survivors of the bombing at Kuta's Sari nightclub 10 years ago. Hanabeth's partner, Marc Gajardo, died in the blast.

Hanabeth and her brother Tom are in Bali for a memorial service to be held this month.

"I feel nervous with two children there," Mrs Luke said.

"All of the bombing victims and their families will be there together. One would hope the security is very good. Having them all there together seems to make them a prime target."

Jodie Wallace pictured 2002
Jodie Wallace pictured 2002

Meanwhile, Byron Bay businessman Chris Wallace, whose sister Jodi was also killed in the bombing, said he would spend tomorrow reflecting privately on the lives lost in the attack.

"My parents have travelled to Bali for the anniversary. I'll take the day off work, but will be keeping to myself," he said.

Mr Wallace felt justice was served when three of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists were executed for their bombing involvement.


Hanabeth Luke and Mark Gajardo pictured in 2002
Hanabeth Luke and Mark Gajardo pictured in 2002

"It was sweet justice, but I was not satisfied they caught all responsible. I think it was the small fish that they caught," he said.

The 2002 bombing brought terrorism much closer to home, Mr Wallace said.

"I think terrorism had always been there - we'd seen it on the news - but 10 years ago it became something we all had to live with and fear," he said.

Mrs Luke, who attended the trial of Bali bomber Amrozi believed the executions did little to appease the emotions she experienced following the bombing.

"At the trial it was difficult to look at someone who tried to kill my daughter," she said. "But the executions really only made a very black thing feel even blacker."

Mr Luke said he felt a strong sense of compassion towards parents who lost children in the bombing.

Mrs Luke is working with the Bali Peace Park Association to try to develop the site of the Sari Club at Kuta into a memorial garden.

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