Neal Patel

Bali boy set for spell in prison

THE NSW teenager arrested in Bali for allegedly buying cannabis faces at least a short stint in Kerobokan prison after police handed a brief of evidence to prosecutors that outlined three potential charges to be laid against him, including two that could have him put behind bars for years.

A lengthy prison term remains unlikely but the brief was tougher than expected after intense legal and diplomatic negotiations.

The police dossier also confirmed that the 14-year-old boy - who was arrested almost two weeks ago - tested positive to cannabis consumption. The drugs he allegedly bought also tested positive.

Prosecutor I Gusti Gede Putu Atmaja told Fairfax Media that prosecutors expected to move the teenager to the feared Kerobokan prison when he is in the care of his office.

"Prosecutors will take him to Kerobokan prison [for detention]. If the lawyer wants to negotiate to move him, that's up to them. We will bring him to Kerobokan," Mr Atmaja said.

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