BACK TO REALITY: Life with Kermie goes from holiday mode to real life.
BACK TO REALITY: Life with Kermie goes from holiday mode to real life. Graham Harsant

Back to reality after holidays

HOLIDAY? What holiday? We've been back for all of a day and already our four-week break seems like a distant memory.

Our second week at Kingscliff was blessed with fine weather. The humidity disappeared and our days were filled with strolling along the beach, splashing in the waves, cooking barbecues (when we weren't gorging ourselves at the Cudgen SLSC, conveniently placed next door - Bludgen at the Cudgen, I liked to call it) and generally doing bugger all.

Now that is what a holiday is all about.

We left Kingscliff a day earlier than scheduled, only because our all-time favourite country/folk/rock/acoustic band, The Round Mountain Girls - five blokes who live within a stone's throw of our holiday spot - decided to have a gig at Sawtell, four hours south.

Having not seen the guys play for two years and in desperate need of some RMG medicine, we arrived at Sawtell in time to set up the van in a tropical downpour.

It was well worth it though, as RMG give the best few hours of entertainment that you will ever experience - no matter what your musical taste.

Rita was invited on stage to play the lagerphone - a complicated musical instrument consisting of a broom with bottle tops nailed all over it and a stick to bang it with.

Being the musical maestro that she is, she mastered its eccentricities in no time.

This could possibly be the first time that the Round Mountain Girls have actually had a girl on stage.

The next day we headed south to Sydney to catch up with some old friends, stopping to check out South West Rocks caravan park, which we had been told was pretty special.

Like Kingscliff, it is smack on the beach, but even prettier. Shotgun on site number 34.

Sydney, like Sawtell, was bucketing down, and again I set up in the rain. Funny how the rain always stops as soon as I am soaked to the skin.

Three days in Sydney with Andy and Waz and Anne, the obligatory stroll along the Manly Corso and beach and the equally obligatory Manly ferry ride to Circular Quay and a walk around The Rocks area, and it was time to head back to Hooterville, stopping overnight at Holbrook which has drive through sites so you don't have to unhook.

Sandy and Bob, true to their word, refused to drive down Sydney's Pennant Hills Rd, and instead headed home via Grafton, Glen Innes, Tamworth and the other towns along the Newell.

"Anything's gotta be better than going down that bloody road again," Bob said.

I haven't seen Bobby since we returned, to ask him if torrential rain every night, freezing temperatures, a leaking caravan and Sandy sleeping with a bucket between her legs to catch the drops, was better than Pennant Hills Rd, but he'll probably maintain it was.

Oh. Then there was also the kangaroo they hit. We arrived back at Hooterville with a day to spare before turning around and heading back to Albury for the Crawlin' the Hume run - of which there is more elsewhere in this issue.

On the way home we stopped at the Oasis cafe at Bonnie Doon for a coffee and a bite to eat. Owners, Mark and Debbie insisted we try their famous Serenity Burger and Vibe Steak Sandwich feast.

Two scotch fillet beef patties, double cheese with all the trimmings on the Burger, and scotch fillet for the steak sandwich - this is not a dish we should tell Michelle Peden about, but man oh man, was it delicious! The Oasis also stocks plenty of healthy eats and best of all they carry Big Rigs, so you can stop, get a great feed and read all of the latest news in your favourite trucking publication.

So now it's back to reality - making a buck, and saving up for the FOUR weeks that we have booked at Kingscliff next March.

It's such a long time away!

-Take care of you, Kermie

Big Rigs

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