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Baby rescued 1km out to sea after parents forgot about her

A 10-MONTH-OLD baby was rescued floating out at sea 1km from land after her parents forgot about her.

The parents of Melda Ilgin put her in a mini-lilo whilst they relaxed and enjoyed their day at a beach in Çanakkale, Turkey, BGN News reports.

They then forgot about their daughter, leaving her to accidentally float off into the open seas in the direction of the Greek island Lesbos.

Beachgoers reportedly raised the alarm and attempted to rescue her, but to no avail.

The coastguard was then contacted and a boat and divers were dispatched to locate the little girl.

The infant was finally spotted floating in her mini-lilo one kilometre away from the shore. Coastguard personnel dived into the water and brought her safely onto their boat. She was then reunited with her relieved family back on dry land.

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