Baby animals swamp carers

ANIMAL WELFARE: Christine Wynne with a baby possum. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
ANIMAL WELFARE: Christine Wynne with a baby possum. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail Mike Knott

WILDLIFE carers in the Bundaberg region are being swamped by baby birds and possums that need looking after.

Elliott Heads resident Christine Wynne, who is president of Queensland Wildlife Carers, said the influx of baby birds might be because of the weather.

"There's been a lot of high winds and rain," she said

. "A lot of birds make mud nests, and they just fall apart in the rain.

"But it's that time of year."

Mrs Wynne said baby possums could become orphaned if their mothers were hit by a car or killed by a dog or cat.

Queensland Wildlife Carers secretary Judy Elliott is one of those who specialises in tiny animals.

But she said they were feeling the pressure of not having enough carers.

"Bird carers are inundated at the moment," she said.

"We're almost at the stage when we ask vets to euthanise any animals that get handed in to them."

Mrs Elliott said anyone who volunteered to be a carer needed to be committed.

"It's very rewarding," she said.

"But we don't get any government funding."

Mrs Elliott said the carers had to pay for food and cages.

"In fact we're also looking for donations of cages," she said.

Mrs Elliott, who also cares for orphaned joeys, said she paid out about $100 a month for milk.

She said cats were one of the biggest predators of wildlife.

"People don't keep their cats indoors at night," she said.

"It's very infuriating.

"People open their doors in the morning and the cat is lying on the doorstep and they think it's been there all night."

Mrs Elliott said she didn't blame the cats, because it was in their nature, but she blamed the owners.

She said she had raised sugar gliders that were as small as 8g when she got them.

"You've got to feed them every three hours," she said.

"You can't put them to bed and leave them because they'll die."

Anyone interested in becoming a wildlife carer can call 4159 6431 to find out details.

Full training will be provided.

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