Cancer survivor says she went from coma to cured in 5 weeks

Anita Moorjani
Anita Moorjani

THERE are few people who can say they went from a coma to completely cured in five weeks.

Survival in the face of death is the launch pad for the tale of best-selling author Anita Moorjani, who returned from an edge-of-death experience with more than just a vivid description of the "other side".

Ms Moorjani was at Byron Bay at the weekend as one of the presenters at the Uplift Festival.

Eight years ago the author fell into the coma - the last throes in a four year battle with lymphoma - her body riddled with tumours "the size of lemons", open skin lesions from head to toe, unable to walk and near choking on lungs full of fluid.

The diagnosis from her doctors was terminal.

"When I went into the coma, the doctors told my husband that my organs had now shut down, and these were my final hours," she recalled.

But is was during this near death experience that the Hong Kong-raised daughter of Indian parents experienced what felt to her like a profound realisation into the cause of her cancer.

In an archetypal out-of-body experience during the 30-hour coma, Ms Moorjani could see, hear and feel everyone in the hospital room and beyond its walls.

To her the hours felt more like years, and when she finally came back to reality she was a changed woman.

"Imagine you had been born blind your entire life... and you don't know what colours are and then one day imagine if you can see and it changes your whole perception, and sense kicks in," she said.

"Even when you go back to being blind again there is nothing that can take away from the change - the way you navigate through the world becomes very different."

"It changed me completely."

"I realised that I had spent a lifetime beating myself up, putting myself down, and making myself small."

"I had never loved myself; I had lived a life of fear my whole life. I understood in that realm, cancer was not a punishment but my own energy turned against me."

"When I came out of the coma, I knew I was already healed, but my body just had to catch up."

Within four days of returning to normal consciousness, her tumours had shrunk by 70%, and after five weeks she was released from hospital, completely cancer free.

Her medical records have since been sent to cancer institutes all over the world, inspiring awe in cancer researchers who have reportedly never seen such a late-stage turnaround.

After an anonymous post about her experience went viral, she was tracked down by the publishers of guru healing author Dr Wayne Dwyer at his request, she penned her New York Times best-selling story Dying To Be Me.

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