Most women agree... men can't be too tall, broad or 'big'

A PACK of boffins have solved the eternal riddle - what do women want?

They want men who are tall, broad and ... well-endowed.

Four academics from Monash and La Trobe and Australian National universities showed 105 women a selection of 343 life-sized computer generated human mock-ups which had a variety of penis lengths, height and shoulder-to-hip ratios, a measure of how broad a man is.

For ANU Biology professor Michael Jennions, it was time to answer the question posed by almost every women's magazine on the planet.

I think our reasons were quite straightforward - there are endless popular articles on whether penis size matters and if it effects a man's attractiveness," he said.

"It either does or it doesn't."

So what did they find?

"The most attractive individual was not in the range we used, even though we covered 95% (of men)," ANU Biology Professor Michael Jennions said.

"If you extrapolate these findings, an even larger penis would have been attractive."

At no point did women find any mannequin too tall, too broad or featuring too big a penis.

The options were based on the dimensions of 3300 Italian men, with women opting for proportions beyond 95% of them.

"There was remarkable consistency among women," Prof Jennions said.

"If you look at individual responses, it wasn't just on average."

The research - led by former ANU researcher Brian Mautz - also found women weighted penis size on par with a man's height when it came to appeal.

Each of the women were shown about 50 of the images and asked to rate them 1-7 for attractiveness.

The process gave the scientists more than 5000 scores they could then quantify.

Each of the 343 human samples had penises between 5cm and 13cm in length, were between 1.63m and 1.87m tall and were built in every way from pear-shaped, to resembling a professional footballer.

Professor Jennions said he could not predict how this research would now be used, but said working on the project was "very good fun".

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