Attack: The scene of an alleged road rage attack near Glenugie.
Attack: The scene of an alleged road rage attack near Glenugie.

Truckie savagely beaten with bat

A TRUCK driver was savagely beaten around the head with a baseball bat in an alleged road rage attack on the Pacific Highway at Glenugie late yesterday afternoon.

The 53-year-old Queensland truck driver was taken to Grafton Base Hospital bleeding profusely from cuts to the face and head during the attack, which occurred at about 4.15pm.

A NSW Ambulance Service spokesperson said the victim was in a stable condition when taken to hospital.

A witness said he saw a small tipper vehicle with RTA stickers on it behind a semi-trailer loaded with cars. He said he saw the RTA vehicle attempting to overtake the truck near double yellow lines.

When he looked again the RTA vehicle was in front of the truck and driving slowly, forcing the truck to slow down.

The witness turned off the highway into Reillys Lane and when he looked again, he saw the RTA vehicle parked in front of the truck.

He went to help and saw the truck driver on the ground bleeding from head wounds.

“A police officer was driving past and had seen someone kicking this bloke on the ground and stopped,” the witness said.

“When I arrived he said ‘can you take care of this bloke' and was sort of pushing this other bloke towards his car.”

The witness said soon after ‘about 12' police turned up and they began searching the area and the RTA vehicle.

He said police found what looked like a shortened baseball bat that he believed had been used in the assault.

He said police took some items from the scene and the RTA vehicle and put them into bags.

The witness said the victim was conscious while he cared for him and was speaking to him about the incident.

“He said the RTA vehicle had thrown a can of paint at him, so he pulled over to see what the beef was,” he said. “When he got out the other fellow started on him with the baseball bat.”

He said the man was bleeding profusely from his wounds and it looked like one of his eyes was nearly popping out of his head.

An RTA spokesperson said the RTA and police were investigating the incident and said it was too early to comment on it. The Daily Examiner contacted police media last night, but had not received a reply by its deadline.

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