This jumper for toddlers sparked outrage from shoppers. Photo / best&;.au
This jumper for toddlers sparked outrage from shoppers. Photo / best&;.au

Are these children's clothes offensive?

PARENTS are outraged at an Australian store which has refused to stop selling children's clothes featuring "sexualised" slogans.

Taking to the store's Facebook page, concerned parents have protested against the range, which includes a jumper for girls with the slogan "Love you long time" across its front.

"Oh dear, please don't buy this for your baby girls, Best&Less ... won't be removing from stores. Not something appropriate for baby girls at all. Please share, I've shared ... because dirty jokes don't belong on baby and toddlers wear or children's wear either," Retro Mummy wrote.

The purple toddlers jumper features an illustration of a sausage dog with the phrase, which is originally uttered by a prostitute in the Stanley Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket. In the 1987 film the line is preceded by: "Sucky-sucky, five dollar. me love you long time."

The store, Best&Less, has responded to the complaints on Facebook writing: "Our attention has been brought to the meaning of this phrase and comments have been passed along to the buyers.

We didn't mean to cause any offence. Unfortunately we won't be removing the item from the shelves this time but we have taken your comments very seriously for reorders. Thank you."

But those who took offence to the clothing were not satisfied by the store's reply.

One concerned mum wrote: "Your purchasing people may not have realised that the phrase 'Love you long time' has strong connotations with prostitution, but now that it's been pointed out, you refuse to remove this offensive product from your stores? Shame on you Best & Less! Why does anyone think it's ok to continue to stock this item so that little girls can wear a top that offers sexual services to everyone who sees them wearing it?"

Others defended the store, stating that the complainants were "uptight and PC".

One Best&Less supporter deemed the issue a "first world problem" created by people who "just want to cause a fuss about the most trivial stuff. What about the hidden jokes and innuendos in children's movies and television shows? It's your dirty minds that turn innocent things into 'sexual' things."

But the pink jumper is just one of a whole range of children's clothes stocked at Best&Less which have caused offence.

Another woman shared a photo of boys' clothes featuring slogans such as "I'm only here for the ladies" and "#ladiesman".

Best&Less maintained its initial stance and confirmed these items were also there to stay in their store.

The reply on Facebook reads: "Apologies if the choice of slogans on our kids clothing have offended you as this is certainly not our intent. Thank you."

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