Warning to Halloween hooligans

Halloween hooligans watch out!

Cause a nuisance, damage property on Sunday night and you will be arrested.

That's the message from Byron Bay Police Duty Officer, Inspector Ian Fitzsimmons.

Inspector Fitzsimmons said after three years of young people creating havoc on Halloween night there would be no softly, softly approach.

"If we detect a child doing it (causing damage) they will be prosecuted," he said.

"Parents will be contacted and they will have to come to the police station no matter what time at night.

"Children could face criminal damages, including malicious damage.

"Should a person in a motor vehicle swerve to avoid a missile and has an accident and it can be established who threw the missile, they could be well charged with serious traffic and criminal matters."

Inspector Fitzsimmons urged parents to be aware of where they children were going on Halloween night and be aware of what could happen if children took large amounts of flour and eggs from the house.

He also urged local shopkeepers to be alert to young people seeking to buy large quantities of flour and eggs and to alert police.

Last year, four police cars were tied up on Halloween night dealing with complaints from residents in the Suffolk Park and Byron Bay areas.

Houses and cars were attacked with eggs, flour bombs and watersoaked toilet rolls and people felt threatened, said Inspector Fitzsimmons.

This year, he said, police would be mounting a special operation to deal with any anti-social behaviour.

- Gary Chigwidden

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