Twilight fun and tradition to continue

Byron Bay's long tradition of fun twilight cricket continues this year with games starting on November 1 to take advantage of the introduction of daylight saving.

Twilight cricket is a great chance for people who want to have an enjoyable game of cricket which is all over in two hours without having to sacrifice their Saturdays or be seen in public in white clothing.

In twilight, each team has eight players who all bowl two overs and who usually all get a bat. The games are 16 overs a side and generally finish by 7pm.

With only eight players a side there is also plenty of room in the field for scoring shots so the games are high scoring and entertaining, akin to a sophisicated version of tip and run you would have played at school but with a lot of wild swining at the ball instead of tipping.

Games are all played at the Rec Grounds on weeknights from starting at 5pm and are played in a very social spirit.

The exception of course are the matches between the heavywieghts and tradtional rivals which can have a fair amount of friendly ribbing, matches between such Titans as the Beach Hotel, the Bowl- ing Club and Town and Country can draw a crowd just to watch the fireworks and hear the sledging.

All teams in the comp play each other once and then split into an A and B grade who match off again before a finals series in March. This design ensures lots of close and exciting games.

So if you are a closet cricket star, haven't played for a while or have just been fancying your form after beating up on the kids in backyard games, twilight could be the perfect thing for getting back into the game and having some summer exercise.

There are spaces for nine teams in the comp so the captains or representatives from last year's sides need to contact the leauge's legendary organiser Greg Daniels on 0414 494 208 as soon as possible to confirm they are playing.

If you aren't linked to a team at the moment but are interested in playing, also give Greg a call and he will be able to hook you up with a side with a similar approach to life to yours.

Also, if you are a business group and think you could regularly have 10 to 12 people available, think seriously about entering a team.

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