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Byron Bay High School students who achieved top HSC scores
Byron Bay High School students who achieved top HSC scores


They just couldn't stop smiling! For 16 Year 12 students at Byron Bay High School it was probably the best day of their lives - and the start of their chosen careers. The students had gathered at the school to celebrate their outstanding University Admission Index (UAI) scores for their Higher School Certif- icate - all of which were above 90.

One student Emma Hoette topped the state in Dutch continuers - an amazing achievement considering she had to study for two years out- side of school hours with a private tutor. Principal Geoff Cousins said the results were 'fantastic'. "This is probably one of the best results we have had had in a long time," he said. "The school is just so proud of

them and of every student who sat for their HSC. "We are really coming of age here with excellent results in a wide variety of subjects including maths, english, legal studies, science, drama and music." As well as the 16 students who achieved 90 and above, 46 students were on the honours list and two students, Ryan Rathborne and Joan- na Timms were in the high achiev- ers list. Joanna was the dux of the year with a UAI score of 98.9. Ryan was not too far behind with 95.4. Joanna said she didn't expect to do so well. "It's unbelievable," she said. Joanna hopes to study communi- cation/journalism at either Bathurst or Brisbane. The 16 students who scored 90 and above were: Joanna Timms 98.9, Katy Mackay 97.05, Zita Ritchie 96.85, Ryan Rath- borne 95.40, Bella Prescia 94.40, Lisa Daly 94.40, Hannah Colless 93.35, Gemma MacKenzie 93.95, Rebecca Sherab 92.90, Jessica Hughes 92.60, Hamish Douglas 91.60, Emma Hoette 91.45, Hope Miles 91.15, Sophie Page 90.80, Heather Shannon 90.35 and Kendall Barnes 90.00. Other students to perform well were Heidi Edwards 89.55, Hayley McGlone 86.65, Jill Angel 84.00, Luke Butler 81.80, Blair Beckers 81.50 and Angie Dixon 80.8.

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