OSCA slams RTA

An insult to the people of Ocean Shores and a "nonsensical waste of limited funds".

That's what the Ocean Shores Community Association thinks of the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) proposed rest area at Yelgun as part of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

In a strongly worded submission to the RTA on the proposal, OSCA said there had been no consultation with any community representative group and the limited documentation for the proposal was hard to access and comprehend.

It said one of the most obvious dangers was the proposal to mix heavy through-trucking with local traffic which was at direct odds with evry publication put out by the RTA justifying the need to separate the two types of traffic.

The suggestion that heavy trucks would now be directed to turn across the paths of local traffic heading north or south was "insanity at its best and criminal negligence at its worst".

There had to be a simpler method to enter a truck rest area and the method used at Sleepy Hollow was clearly the best solution where north and southbound traffic did not have to merge.

OSCA said it was opposed to heavy vehicles using the existing Pacific Highway adjoining Ocean Shores once the highway was upgraded.

It said there had never been any sound mitigation planned to accommodate this use on the already heavily impacted resients.

Residents had been continually informed by the RTA that the old Pacific Highway would revert to a local road once the highway was upgraded and this categorisation would not allow B-doubles to use the road as suggested.

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