Mullum water crisis worsens

Mullumbimby's water crisis has worsened and Byron Council is imposing tougher restrictions as from next Monday.

The council's general manager, Pamela Westing, said Mullumbimby residents and businesses were now faced with the task of reducing their water use by 40 percent.

Ms Westing said under the new level four restrictions, the lowered water pressure in the town (to reduce water loss through leakage) would be maintained, sprinklers and fixed hoses were banned, micro sprays for 15 minutes and hand held hoses for half an hour every day outside the hours of 8am to 4pm were permitted.

The restrictions will be enforced and non compliance will result in fines of $220.

The driest six months on record have resulted in more water being used than is in storage at the Laverty's Gap weir and the water restrictions to date have not achieved the water conservation targets needed.

Restrictions will remain in place until rainfall increases the flow in Wilson's Creek and if further significant rainfall does not occur over the next three to four weeks level five restrictions will need to be imposed.

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