Mayor seeks Byron ?brand? protection


There are too many people cashing in on the 'Byron' name, but who give nothing back to the community, according to Byron Mayor, Cr Jan Barham.

And that's why she wants to do something about it.

Cr Barham is planning to present a motion at the council's February 8 meeting seeking legal advice on establishing intellectual property rights over the 'Byron' name.

She said she had been collecting lists and pieces of information where commercial operators were cashing in on the name.

There were people in Victoria making biscuits with the 'Byron' brand, she said.

Said Cr Barham: "People are using us for their own commercial gain and giving nothing back.

"Byron has become a brand name which is internationally known and people are trading on our community reputation and the name itself. It's become a marketing term.

"I think it's unfair because Byron is what it is because of this community and the commitment that has been made by people who live here and contribute.

"Some people are just cashing in on that."

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