How about trying to get on with us

Byron at Byron manager, Lyn Parche and rainforest regenerator, Rosemary Joseph on one of the timber walkways at the resort
Byron at Byron manager, Lyn Parche and rainforest regenerator, Rosemary Joseph on one of the timber walkways at the resort

There's little doubt Gerry Harvey's comments about our mayor, Jan Barham and Cr John Lazarus have struck a raw nerve in the shire - and it seems through further comments that he isn't going to take a step back.

Well Gerry mightn't be, but I will.

In my comment piece last week, I said it was he and his team who went to the Land and Environment Court to get approval for the Byron at Byron resort and the on-site sewage treatment plant. Wrong. It was actually the previous owner who sought - and got approval for the resort.

Gerry Harvey then bought the Everglades site and with it, the approval for the tourist resort.

I trust that sets that particular part of the record straight.

However, having said that, the new owner is still obliged to stick by the consent conditions imposed by the court and my comments on that stand.

Gerry Harvey's comments about the mayor and Cr Lazarus were insulting, not only to them, but to the people of Byron Bay.

Gerry, we're your neighbours - try and get on with us. We've been here longer than you and well, we quite like the place and as you've been made aware in the last two weeks, we're generally a tolerant lot.

On a brighter note, at the invitation of the resort's project manager, Gary Dent, I visited the site last Friday and had a good look around.

While there are always going to be mixed views on architecture, I have to say (the large concrete car park at the front aside), the resort is pretty impressive.

And a stroll along the raised timber walkways through the rainforest behind the main building down to Tallow Lake shows how much regeneration work has been done on the site.

That particular project is being led by rainforest regenerator, Rosemary Joseph, who has been working there for more than a year and still has a couple of more years work to go.

An open day for local residents who can check it out for themselves just might go some way to rectifying what has been a local PR disaster for Gerry Harvey.

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