Gerry, Gerry, why are they picking on you?

By Gary Chigwidden

Sorry you don't like our council Gerry, but I reckon you've got a case. In fact, I reckon they've got a damned hide insisting that a man of your stature and importance in the world follow petty State Government planning rules.

What a cheek. As if a man of your business calibre and ability has got time to waste on such pifflings.

You no doubt expect a certain standard of subservience from your underlings and woe betide anyone who doesn't rise (fall) to those standards.

So what if you bypassed the council and went to the Land and Environment Court to get approval for your $45 million environmentally-friendly tourist resort, Byron at Byron on the strength of an argument put up by your people that they could deliver a super-efficient on-site sewage treatment system.

What business is it of the council's - or anybody else who might have the local environment's interest at heart if that system hasn't, err, actually been quite delivered yet?

And what business is it of the council's for then having the hide to question why you actually opened your doors for business without a certificate of occupancy because of the unfinished on-site sewage treatment business?

Surely that rule only applies to others who don't quite have your profile and the council must know that.

(Just what are those liquid waste tankers coming and going from your site carrying? I suppose those irritating council people will want approval for that as well. Is there no end to their interference?)

And as for that dreadlocked, nature-loving Greens councillor, John Lazarus visiting your fine environmental establishment in bare feet - it must have given your staff and guests an attack of the vapors.

I'm with you Gerry. I just hate any form of individualism, or somebody who is a little bit different. Makes the rest of us look boring doesn't it mate.

I trust you have informed your staff to have this Lazarus person hosed down the next time he sets (bare) foot on the premises.

The things you see in Byron Bay, eh Gerry. Must be a cultural thing, but I'm sure with your clout you can change things in the Bay to suit your view on life.

As for the claims that you are arrogant Gerry because you had the gall to hint that maybe an administrator would do a better job than the council elected by the majority of people in the shire - I ask you, what do the people know?

Arrogant indeed!

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