Focus on Brunswick streetscaping works

It never rains on a Brunswick party, but if it does it's because someone has planted a tree that needs a good water.

And so it was last Saturday when the third stage of the town streetscaping plan in Mullumbimbi Street was officially opened by the Mayor, Cr Jan Barham, who together with Cr Dianne Woods, added another tuckeroo tree to the landscape.

The work was a joint effort between council and the community with a funding shortfall of $6500 made good by contributions from landlords and tenants.

New and extended footpaths, native plantings, safety rails and a visitor's location bill board were included in the work.

The street party featured a free morning tea for seniors, entertainment by Spaghetti Circus performers and music sponsored by three cafes, Starfish, Rice and Sticky Fingers who will add more comfortable footpath dining space to their premises.

The five stage project began in 2000 and the final stage is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

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