Flag theftangers Phyl

Phyl Malin looks up at her empty flagpole outside her Byron Bay home.
Phyl Malin looks up at her empty flagpole outside her Byron Bay home.

Phyl Malin is a proud Australian who loves the Aussie flag.

Only severe weather over the last 20 years has stopped her from raising the flag in the front garden of her Bangalow Road, Byron Bay home.

Unhappily, she hasn't raised the flag now for two weeks - because it was stolen. And Phyl is very, very angry.

Two Saturdays ago and tired after returning from a trip to Western Australia, she forgot to lower the flag and take it inside.

During the night she and her husband, Arthur, were disturbed by a group of young women making a lot of noise outside their home.

One of the women was "cavorting" on the front lawn with what Arthur thought was a scarf over her head.

He went outside and spoke to the women who eventually walked away along Bangalow Road towards the town. In the morning, the Malins discovered the "scarf" was in fact their flag.

"I was angry of course," said Phyl. "Why do people have to do these things?

Phyl said she was disappointed at the thieves' lack of respect for the Australian flag, a sentiment echoed by Arthur.

"We've only left it out three or four times over the years and twice it has gone off," he said.

"Dragging your nation's flag around the ground doesn't show much respect."

So disappointed is Phyl that she is in no mood to go out straight away to buy a new flag.

"What's the point? Someone will pinch it," she said.

"I might think about it in a week or two.

"I thought most people revered our flag like we do."

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