Country club suffers $1/2 million loss

Ocean Shores Country Club suffered a loss of almost half a million dollars in the last financial year.

The club also faces a blowout in legal fees that could hit $400,000.

They mostly relate to a sad sequence of events which include the death of a young employee after a staff Christmas party, the sudden resignation of a former club manager and please explain questions to all directors by the Director of Liquor and Gaming.

With the club's annual meeting set down for October 17, there was most unusually not a single nomination for positions on the board 10 days after nominations were sought.

Everyone it seems is sitting on the fence waiting to see who will make the first move, critics of the board or the board members themselves.

With a text book full of hard lessons to be absorbed before moving on, there are members who have put the past behind them.

They say the club is trading well and has a healthy bank balance. It has a membership big enough to allow it to trade profitably and a top rating golf course in the prime location of the shire.

These members see it as a multi-million dollar business that deserves inclusive management calling on the expertise and ideas of its membership.

There is a feeling that the board could have been more open in its style. There is hope that this could emerge, not with the group that tried unsuccessfully to topple the board, but with some fresh faces committed to making the club prosper.

As one staunch member told the News, there are a lot of good people who love the club who could help.

Secretary manager of the club, Wayne Chislett, said he would need approval from the board before he could publicly outline any plans for trading out of the loss.

In the event that the full complement of 10 board members is not elected in the due process, the board could function with a membership of six including the chairman, vice chairman and treasurer. - Robyn Gray

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