Anna Kendrick asked two men to expose their genitals

Anna Kendrick asked two men to get their "d***s out" because she became so engrossed in her latest on-screen role.

The actress stars alongside Zac Efron in 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates', and revealed her character's raunchy ways ultimately bled into her everyday behaviour.

She shared: "Those two brothers came to set and across a crowded lobby I was like, ''Get your d**** out!'

"They are very tall, very attractive and we were so deep into filming the movie that my character had kind of taken over.

"It's very raunchy fun comedy and I was like, 'I don't know what just happened to me.' I'm not really the person who yells profanity across a hotel lobby."

Meanwhile, Anna also gushed over her co-star Zac, describing the Hollywood hunk as a "very muscular teddy bear".

She told Jenny McCarthy's 'Dirty, Sexy, Funny' radio show: "He's just so sweet I could actually scream. I just like want to put him in a baby stroller."

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actress previously admitted to pushing herself to work 14 hours a day on a regular basis because she would rather be over-worked than unemployed.

She said: "As an actress you're perpetually about to be unemployed. That fear - when you have two parents who worked nine-to-five jobs and went through periods of being unemployed - is real. Those were not welcome times in my childhood. Working 14 hours a day isn't sustainable, but I prefer it [to doing fewer films]. I might as well be doing the thing that I wanted to do my whole life."

The actress also claimed that women are seen as secondary when it comes to casting, although Anna believes there are a lot of very talented women in Hollywood.

She said: "There's [a film I'm considering] now where I have to wait for all the male roles to be cast before I can even become a part of the conversation. Part of me gets that. [But] part of me is like, 'What the f**k? You have to cast for females based on who's cast as males?'

"To me, the only explanation is that there are so many f***ing talented girls, and from a business standpoint it's easier to find women to match the men. I totally stand by the belief that there are 10 unbelievably talented women for every role."

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