LONG MAY SHE REIN: Margaret Williams of Iluka rides again on her 83rd birthday.
LONG MAY SHE REIN: Margaret Williams of Iluka rides again on her 83rd birthday. Stephanie Rawlings

Aged 83, Margaret’s back in the saddle

AT 83 Iluka resident Margaret Williams has shown you're never too old to get back on a horse.

After three decades out of the saddle, Margaret spent a day on horseback with her daughter Stephanie Rawlings at Yamba's Riverside Ranch on Saturday.

Ranch owner Fred Welsh said Ms Rawlings decided her mum, a fine rider in her youth, needed to get back in the saddle.

Despite the long break between rides, Ms Williams decided her 83rd birthday was the right time to give it another go and "check it off the old bucket list".

Ms Rawlings approached Mr Welsh who said he was totally game.

"As long as your mum can get on and off the horse she'll do fine," he said.

Ms Rawlings, who had also been out of the saddle for a couple of decades, joined her mother for their ranch ride.

"Both ladies were brilliant in the saddle," said Mr Welsh. "They hadn't forgotten anything and it was as if they had ridden just yesterday. I was very impressed."

Ms Rawlings rode Riverside Ranch's former Queensland champion and 2006 Tom Quilty endurance winner Jay Tee Rebel, a 15.1 hands pure-bred arabian.

Horses and riders had a great time without a hitch.

Ms Williams said she had a terrific time and felt very comfortable.

"It just goes to show you we are never too old to have fun on a horse," Mr Welsh said.


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