AFTER a hasty arrival on Tweed Valley Way, newborn Jackson Topper is doing well and ready to settle in at home.

Second-time parents Corey and Izzy Topper said everything had been going smoothly since the unexpected roadside delivery at 6pm on Monday.

The couple was between Tumbulgum and Condong when Jackson decided he couldn't wait out the trip to Murwillumbah Hospital.

Mr Topper said Jackson arrived before the midwife could get to the scene.

"Izzy said 'I think I can see a head'," Mr Topper recalled. "And I thought oh my God, it's going to happen right here."

Rather than calling an ambulance, Mr Topper then drove his wife and newborn son to the hospital, keeping the midwife on the phone along the way.

"He's doing really well, everything's fine," Mr Topper said shortly before bringing baby Jackson and wife Izzy home on Thursday.

"We're excited about having him at home."

While delivering baby Jackson was a daunting task for the head maths teacher from Tweed River High School, Mr Topper said it was a breeze compared to Mrs Topper's efforts.

"Izzy's the real hero here," he said.

"She did all the hard work; she even helped me through it."

Mrs Topper, a physical education teacher at Chillingham Public School, said she was recovering well.

"I just feel a bit tired," Mrs Topper said.

"Apart from that, I feel pretty good."

While it's been an exciting few days for the parents, Mr Topper said their daughter Amelia, aged 2, was thrilled to have a baby brother.

While Amelia was with Mrs Topper's mother on Monday evening, Mr Topper said she instantly adored the new addition to the family.

"Amelia's very excited," he said. "She'd been talking about the baby in mummy's belly a lot."

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