Seth Brumpton.
Seth Brumpton. Contributed

For adventure get away from your screens

OUR SAY: FLUORESCENT lights, air conditioning and smart phones do little to excite people such as Seth Brumpton.

Instead, you'll find him chasing adventure outdoors.

Shunning the scourges of modern living is something more and more people are thinking about.

Seeing toddlers swiping right or couples at dinner on their phones will do that to a person.

If you've been looking for it, there are signs that the pendulum is swinging back: Families are banning screens; prestigious schools are pulling back from tech and prizing outdoor programs; investors are getting jumpy about the societal costs of social media.

Mr Brumpton, interviewed by Anton Rose, says his parents introduced the great outdoors to him as a child.

And that it's been a conscious decision to pursue a life of adventure lived away from screens.

Some parents might read that and feel uncomfortable.

Others will be prompted to reboot and reprogram family activities.


Get inspired by the great outdoors.

2018 is the 75th anniversary of Enid Blyton's Famous Five Go Adventuring Again and you can get your copy with the Sunday Mail on Sunday, February 11.


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