Justine Jones
Justine Jones

Blood found in wheelie bin: court

12:15PM UPDATE:  A fingerprint expert has told Maroochydore Magistrates Court he identified a fingerprint of Richard Coburn on Justine Jones' doona.

Sergeant Bruce MacRaild, from the North Coast fingerprint section, said he probably had something sticky on his fingers to leave a print on a pourous item.

"The print was actually left in a visible fluid that had been on the fingers when it was handled," he said.

"It was photographed without any chemical enhancement."

Coburn is accused of murdering Ms Jones and dumping her body in a bin which ended up at a rubbish tip in July last year.

Other crime scene investigators told the court how they searched wheelie bins out the back of Ms Jones' unit and at the property directly opposite.

The court heard they found two t-shirts and bedding that belonged to Ms Jones and other items such as alcohol which were tested for fingerprints and DNA.

Officers were called back a few days later to test the wheelie bins at the property opposite for what appeared to be blood.

A presumptive test confirmed the presence of blood.

Former flatmate tells of terrifying ordeal

A FORMER flatmate of slain Alexandra Headland "party girl" Justine Jones broke down in tears yesterday as she described the night a man tried to break into her home.

Naomi White told Maroochydore Magistrates Court that Richard Coburn, the man accused of killing Ms Jones and dumping her body in a rubbish bin, scared her when he was banging on her front door and yelling at Ms Jones for about 20 minutes.

"I was sleeping and I woke when I heard banging," she said.

"It was Justine banging on my door saying Richard was trying to get in.

"I saw the stitches (on her back) and she said she had a glassing happen, that he threw a glass at her.

"He was yelling and banging on the door saying 'let me in, Justine'."

Ms White said she called police and they locked themselves in her bedroom until police arrived.

She said there were two other events which had worried her.

Ms White said she once had to rescue her flatmate from Coburn's home in a bad state when she had been missing all day.

She said the final straw was when she found Coburn at her unit after the break-in and glassing.

Ms Jones would not let her in her bedroom and she no longer felt comfortable in her own home.

"I said (to Justine) 'I live here too and if it's going to keep happening, I'm going," Ms White said.

Justine Jones had a different flatmate when she was last seen on July 7, last year at her Alexandra Headland unit, where she was planning to watch the third State of Origin match.

That flatmate raised the alarm with Justine's sister, Jackie.

Within a week, police discovered the 22-year-old's body had been dumped in a rubbish bin and gruesomely crushed in a garbage trip before being dumped at the tip.

Coburn was charged with murder and interfering with a corpse soon after. He faced court yesterday in custody wearing a suit and tie.

Jackie Jones said she had lived with Coburn for about a year before her sister moved up from NSW.

She said neither her sister nor Coburn were working and their house became a party house, even on weeknights, which led to them being evicted.

Ms Jones agreed with suggestions that her sister was a party girl and a heavy drinker who took ecstasy and speed on weekends.

But she said it was nice to see Justine blossoming after coming out of a seven-year relationship in NSW.

Ms Jones said Justine had started wearing short skirts and shorts and gaining confidence in herself as she received male attention.

But she said she worried about her sister's alcohol use and her relationship with Coburn.

"When they were drinking with each other, things were escalating," she said.

"Their arguments were the worst. She would (stand up for herself) when she was drinking, but when she wasn't she didn't seem as confident.

"I think that's why she drank. She would be more lively, more friendly.

"She didn't think she was an attractive woman, thought she was gross.

"It boosted her morale because she didn't have a lot of this when she was sober."

After learning about the glassing incident, Ms Jones said she told her sister she had to stop socialising with Coburn.

"I said this was escalating and getting worse and it had to stop," she said.

"I could tell something was going to happen."

Two days before Justine went missing, the sisters had faced court on drug-related charges after a raid at a Brisbane music festival.

The committal hearing continues today.

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