Man 'wet his pants' after being 'forced' to shoot mate

MOMENTS after shooting his mate in the head at Somerset Dam following a fight over drug debts and an affair, Anthony Charles Oliver says he wet his pants.

Mr Oliver said he only shot his friend of five years, Norman Desmond Cheney, because he believed he was seconds away from burning to death.

He said he had already blacked out twice while he was being choked and bashed in the car.

Mr Oliver, who stepped into the witness box in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday to tell his version of what unfolded next, said he had no choice.

"I couldn't get air. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't get him off," he said.

Mr Oliver said, through tears and nose-blowing, that he woke the second time to petrol being splashed on his face.

He said he could see Mr Cheney wearing black gloves and trying to take a few swipes with a knife, which nicked him on the hip.

Mr Oliver testified he spotted a cigarette lighter on the dash and said Mr Cheney told him if he wanted the love of his life then he could have the pain too.

He said Mr Cheney was leaning into the car trying to set him alight when he spotted a .45 calibre gun under his mate's leg.

"He's got the lighter in his right hand going click, click, click," he said. "I didn't mean to kill him. "He was trying to set me on fire."

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller is expected to begin cross-examination today.

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