Accused child killer to learn his fate on Friday

THE trial against an accused child killer from the NSW mid north coast has ended and a judgement date set for later this week.

A 48-year-old, who can not be named, has pleaded not-guilty to the murder of a toddler at Coffs Harbour in April, 2011.

During the judge-only trial, the court heard a two and half year old girl was in the care of the accused when she suffered a critical head injury.

She became unresponsive in her pram and was taken to the Coffs Harbour hospital where she later died from a brain haemorrage.

Expert witnesses have evidence that it was highly probable the fatal injury was deliberately inflicted but the accused maintained the child fell on her head while he was in the toilet.

An autopsy also revealed several other secondary injuries.

Police allege the trauma the child had suffered in the lead up to her death -bruising to the buttocks resembling a handprint and other bruising right down to the muscle -was further evidence the fatal injury was not accidental and reflected a pattern of violence against the child.

The child's mother told the court that in the week preceding 30 March, 2011 she visited the child at the accused's home regularly and never noticed any injuries to the child's buttocks during nappy changes.

Defense lawyers sort to tender records from the department of community services in an effort to prove the child's mother was prone to violence.

Justice Fullerton allowed two reports to be tendered - one which noted that in January, 2011 the child's mother lost control and punched her wheelchair bound mother to the face causing bruising and another stating that in February the same year the woman had tightened the straps around the toddler's arms and forcefully pushed her back into the pram by holding her face.

Judgement will be handed down in the Coffs Harbour Supreme Court on Friday morning.

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