Jim Beaton with his parrot
Jim Beaton with his parrot "Bo" who went missing after flying away from his South Grafton house. Eclecus parrots are native to North Eastern Australia as well as the Solomon Islands, New Guinea and surrounding islands. Photo: Adam Hourigan

Aargh! Me parrot’s back on me shoulder

THERE is a special homo sapien-avian bond that South Grafton man Jim Beaton, 70, and his eclectus parrot Bo share that is usually reserved for pirates and their macaws.

This bond was tested when Mr Beaton had a heart attack in October and was flown to the Gold Coast for treatment.

"The paramedics and hospital staff saved my life," Mr Beaton said.

"But Bo was stressed out without me."

He said Bo would usually sit on someone's shoulder as they walked around the house -- doors and windows wide open.

But this time as Jim's tenant did the housework with the bird on her shoulder, Bo flew out the back door in search of his human friend.

Mr Beaton said he bred birds for four years, but Bo was special to him.

"Can you imagine me lying in a hospital bed in the Gold Coast without Bo?" he said.

According to Mr Beaton Bo flew into South Grafton High's sports oval where he crashed into a tree.

"I found out some kids picked him up and took him to a teacher."

He said the teacher put an ad out calling for the owner, but someone came forward and wrongly claimed Bo as their own.

"When I found out I was still in hospital.

"I put a post on Facebook asking for information and the response was overwhelming.

"People from Grafton, even Tweed and Brisbane were looking for him.

"Everyone pulled together to find Bo. I can't think of any words more to say than thank you."

He said although Bo had a sore foot and was more agitated than before, he was happy to have him back.

"I bought Bo off a man in Coffs Harbour who couldn't look after him anymore.

"He was so happy Bo was going with someone who would treat him well."

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