A FEAST of fish and a new pond with a spa heater is the perfect gift for five crocodiles on their second birthday.

Rockhampton Regional Council is this week celebrating two years since the birth of 11 baby freshwater crocodiles at Rockhampton Zoo.

Rockhampton Zoo Life Sciences co-ordinator Graham Strachan said six of the crocodiles were re-homed, but the five that remained in Rockhampton were developing well.

"Toddler crocodiles ... they're basically a miniature version of an adult crocodile with a disposition to match," Mr Strachan said.

Mr Strachan said as a belated birthday present, Rockhampton Zoo was working on a new enclosure for the five youngsters.

"They're getting too big for the pond they're in," he said.

"We can't put them with their parents in the big pond just yet because they wouldn't take to the temperature of the water.

"So they're soon to be moving to a pond that's three times the size of the one they're in now and we're going to put a spa pool heater in it for winter so they can survive.

Mr Strachan said once they have reached one metre long, the young crocodiles will be able to move in with their parents, Victoria and Hahn, in the Rockhampton Zoo freshwater crocodile pond.



Two years ago Rocky Zoo keepers found 11 baby freshwater crocodiles swimming around with parents Victoria and Hahn

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