Australian singer songwriter Lucie Thorne.
Australian singer songwriter Lucie Thorne. Eryca Green

A hundred cities inspired Lucie Thorne’s new album

EVERYTHING Sings Tonight is the new release by Lucie Thorne.

The album is a collaboration between Thorne and her long-time musical partner, drummer Hamish Stuart.

Everything Sings Tonight marks a bold and inspired creative benchmark for the pair.

We had a chat with Ms Thorne ahead of her visit to Byron Bay.

You first picked up an electric guitar because you were in love with AC/DC. The music you produce now seems pretty far removed from their sound.

You think so? Yeah okay, I guess it is, but it's thanks to them, and a swag of other folks that I do what I do, including Billie Holliday, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Randy Newman and so many others.

How did you and Hamish meet?

We were introduced to each other through Glenn Wright, who runs Vitamin Records, back in 2008. That was when I was preparing to make Black Across The Field, and we've worked together ever since. I reckon I'm a pretty lucky kid having that one as my band.

Can you remember being in any one particular place or city that sparked or inspired lyrics on this album?

The seeds of each of the ten songs on this album were planted in such disparate places; from Launceston to Alice Springs, Bucharest to Seattle, Pascoe Vale to Berlin, but most of them shaped up into the pieces they are on the day, in the studio.

Did you have any idea about what you wanted from this album before you started writing and recording?

You never quite know what the next album's gonna be till it's done, but there were a few central elements we really wanted to focus on with this one.

The main one was wanting to capture that energy and playfulness, that freedom, of the two of us playing live, together in a room.

We recorded most of the album over just two days, in a little studio in Berlin (in the midst of a European tour late last year).

From there we wove together some extra threads of musical magic from some of our favourite players: Chris Abrahams, Bo Ramsey, Dave Symes, Chris Parkinson and Pieta Brown, as well as a spoken-word cameo from Greg Brown and my dad, Tim Thorne.

There are a lot of ingredients in the mix, but it's a duet record, and we're pretty excited with the result.

AT the Ex Services Club in Mullumbimby on Friday, June 26, and the next day at the Blue Moon Lounge, Murwillumbah.

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