Principals to punish students for their behaviour at home

A RAFT of new changes designed to give Queensland state school principals stronger disciplinary powers look set to be given the green light.

Under the controversial plan, school principals will be allowed to suspend and exclude students for misbehaviour outside of school hours.

They will also have the option of imposing Saturday detention for unruly students.

The Education (Strengthening Discipline in State Schools) Amendment Bill 2013 is expected to be debated in State Parliament on Thursday.

Education and Innovation Committee members were given a briefing on Wednesday (Oct 30) on how the department was looking at implementing the changes proposed under the new legislation.

Executive-director Sharon Mullins said the discipline consequences procedures guide would be made available state school principals once the bill had been passed.

"It will allow principals greater flexibility in determining what discipline measures they should take," she said.

"It will also act as a guide so they can be sure they are complying with the legislation.

"The department trusts school principals to make the correct decisions surrounding discipline."

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