Lin family children slain over inheritence, court hears

Jessica Grewal

- APN Newsdesk

THE adults and children of Sydney's Lin family were brutally murdered in order of the threat they represented to a bitter relative who stood to inherit their wealth, the NSW Supreme Court has heard.

Opening the trial against Lian Bin "Robert" Xie, Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi outlined the alleged events which led to the bludgeoning deaths of Mr Xie's brother in law Norman and his wife Lily, her sister Irene and the couple's two young sons - Henry, 12 and Terry, 9.

The court heard it was not a stranger who forced his way into the families North Epping home in 2009.

There was no sign of sexual assault and valuable items had allegedly left in their place.

Instead, police will allege the killer was motivated by jealousy and wanted the family's newsagency.

Mr Tedeschi said the family was murdered with a "hammer like object" in the early hours of the morning in a manner that suggested the most animosity was directed at the adults and in an order which gave him the best chance of remaining undetected.

The court heard the adults were murdered in their beds while the two young boys were in their rooms.

Mr Xie, 50, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his five relatives.

The trial, which is expected to run for several months, continues in Sydney.

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