Community sector fear budget will hurt children in poverty

THE community sector has appealed to the Abbott Government not to go ahead with "unnecessary cuts", urging the government to think of the "almost 600,000 children living in poverty".

Australian Council of Social Services chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie on Tuesday hit out at reported government plans to cut pensions for "the most disadvantaged people" in the country.

"In his speech last night the Prime Minister said: 'This budget won't be for the rich or the poor but for the country'," she said.

"Yet so far it appears that most of the pain will be borne by people who can least afford it.

"This is a budget that should be there for people who are poor, including the almost 600,000 children living in poverty."

Dr Goldie said government support should not be going to "people who do not need assistance", through tax breaks, rebates and supplements for those on higher incomes.

Instead, she reiterated calls for the government not to only look at the spending side of the budget equation, but assess the structural problems on the revenue side.

"To be fair and equitable we need to seriously look at the revenue problem and be brave enough to embark on the structural reform that is required," she said.

"Ultimately this is the way to restore the Budget coffers and put our national finances on a sustainable path, without resorting to unfair cuts and charges that hurt those at the bottom the most."

The federal budget will be released on May 13 in Canberra.

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