MINI METEOROLOGIST: Aspiring weather reporter Samayah McCall, 6 of Marian.
MINI METEOROLOGIST: Aspiring weather reporter Samayah McCall, 6 of Marian. Stuart Quinn

6yo Mackay girl predicts Cyclone Iris

BEFORE news hit that Tropical Cyclone Iris had re-formed in the Coral Sea, there was one meteorologist that predicted it before the Bureau did.

Here at The Daily Mercury we had asked online readers what the weather looked like from their house, and Nancy McCall posted a video of her six-year-old daughter Samayah talking through the weather events as it looked from her backyard in Marian.

WATCH | Noone has called the weather better


"You can see that it's raining here really heavy and it's got rain and wind, the weather said that everyone who lives around Australia they have to stay inside because there's going to be a cyclone," the six-year-old reported as the rain bucketed down.

Too cute to go past, we caught up with Samayah and her mum for a chat about the weather.


When speaking to her, the cyclone hadn't yet re-formed and little Samayah had already predicted it to come back.

She recalled the devastation Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused last year, compared the damage of TC Debbie with what's to come with TC Iris and informed us how a cyclone is formed, in her own words and featuring her older sister Tamika, 11, video-bombing the background.

Samayah, who is in Year 1 at Marian State Primary School, said she watches a lot of YouTube and thinks that's where her confidence has sparked from.

She said she wants to create her own channel one day.

"I'd love to get $100 to buy a camera... if you like me you can comment and subscribe, thank you!" she giggled.

"I want nearly 1000 likes."

Mrs McCall said her daughter can't help but steal the spotlight most of the time and loves to think she's a little movie star.

Definitely not short of confidence, Mrs McCall said Samayah is her most outspoken child and is very well-known at her primary school.

"People say her outspokenness is from me but I don't think I'm that outspoken," she said. "The person that she is today is a lot like my husband."


When asked if she thinks Samayah will become a movie star one day, Samayah couldn't help by butting in "yes, I should be".

Mrs McCall laughed and said "whatever she wants to do we'll support her all the way we can".

When she's not reporting the weather, Samayah does jazz and swimming.


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