5SOS guitarist 'OK' after hair catches fire in London

A GUITARIST from Australian pop group '5 Seconds of Summer' has revealed that he's "doing ok" after suffering burns on stage in a pyrotechnics mishap.

Michael Clifford was performing with his band at Wembley Arena on Saturday night when he was caught by a flamethrower.

After being hit by the flame, smoke appeared to rise from his head and he could be seen dabbing his face with a towel before quickly retreating backstage.

The Australian group stopped the gig, with bandmate Ashton Irwin telling the crowd: "Michael has hurt himself so we will not be continuing the show right now. He is ok."

With messages of concern flooding in, Clifford tweeted a picture of his face in bandages apologising for not being able to "finish the encore":

Check out the guitarist's selfie below (warning, language)




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