Hutchinson Builders carpenters Jared Davidson (left) and Jason White expect to be busy after the announcement of $57 million worth of work.
Hutchinson Builders carpenters Jared Davidson (left) and Jason White expect to be busy after the announcement of $57 million worth of work. Kevin Farmer

$57m deal boost to job market

A $57million contract that will create 230 Toowoomba jobs has come at a perfect time for Cambooya carpenter Jason White.

The Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba carpentry supervisor said the announcement of the contract between his employers and gas company QGC came as a huge relief to him and his partner Naomi Davidson.

Under the deal, 1286 accommodation units will be constructed to house workers at Surat Basin sites Ruby and Woleebee Ck.

“Work had been hard to find,” Mr White, 35, said.

“With the GFC (global financial crisis) it had been pretty quiet.”

Mr White and his partner are paying a mortgage and also started a family eight weeks ago with the birth of their son Jack.

“It's great because they seem to have work coming up in the future too.

"Things will be a bit easier for our mortgage.

“What you hear around town is that some people are busy and some aren't.

“I'm just happy to be one of the busy ones.”

Facilities such as a dining room, kitchen and laundry will also be constructed at the Harristown production facility, which has undergone a $1.5million expansion to cope with the large amount of work.

Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba general manager Robert Weymouth said the latest contract accounted for only 30 per cent of the 30,000 square metre factory's capacity.

“Hutchies has made a significant investment in the new production facility, so we are really well-placed to provide a range of modular accommodation to this growing sector.”

Toowoomba Regional Council mayor Peter Taylor toured the factory yesterday with senior Hutchinson Builders staff.

“It (the contract) is a terrific vote of confidence for the Toowoomba economy,” Cr Taylor said.

“It shows we are going to be a significant supplier into the Surat Basin.''

A team of 130 plumbers, carpenters, electricians, roofers and plasterers have been working on the units since June and Hutchinson's are looking to employ another 100 in the next month.

Workers with residential construction experience can apply by calling Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba project manager Daniel Cooper on 0419762525.



  •  230 Toowoomba jobs
  •  $57 million worth of work
  •  1286 accommodation units to make 322 individual buildings.
  •  Will provide QGC with worker accommodation for its Surat Basin sites at Ruby and Woleebee Ck
  •  First load of units expected to be ready for transportation in September.

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