Samsung QLED TV promises perfect colour

SAMSUNG Electronics - the biggest seller of TVs in the past decade - has unveiled what it says is the first television to reproduce 100 percent colour volume, even at the brightest levels.

And it's all about the Q.

The new QLED format uses advanced Quantum Dot technology to deliver less washed out whites and more detailed contrasts - even at 1500 to 2000 nit brightness.

That's up on the 1000 nit SUHD ceiling that Samsung unveiled at CES - Legas Vegas' huge consumer electronics show in 2016.

But it's not just the display that has been improved, the televisions will feature a new wall mounting system, a one cord connection to eliminate the lounge room clutter, and a new app which will allow you to control your TV through any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

Samsung says what is revolutionary about its new TV range is the refined metal Quantum Dot material which means less leakage of light.

More than 200 tech journalists from around the world checked out the new Q7, Q8 and Q9 product range ahead of CES 2017's opening.

Samsung has also developed a pretty clever no-gap wall mount which is embedded into the back of the panel.

Samsung claims the new mount will mean the TV will be as easy to deal with as 'hanging up a painting'.

That's a stretch, as you will have to ensure the mount is properly secured on wall studs. Once installed, however, you can tilt the TV to different angles.

You also don't need to worry about levelling the TV, as the mount automatically adjusts to ensure the TV sits straight.

The colours are even brighter than last year's eye-popping SUHD range - and the good news for buyers is they are likely to come in about the same price as the 2016 range in Australia.

Samsung's president of visual display HyunSuk Kim (pictured above) said the TV not only set a new industry standard but addressed some of the 'consumer pain' points such as too many remotes and cable clutter.

While some of the colour differences are hard to spot against the OLED format, Samsung say its QLED display features colour details not available in traditional 2D colour space models.

The Korean tech giant says the new metal Quantum dot allows greater detail whether a movie is being played in a brightly lit or dark room - and regardless of the angle at which it is being viewed.

"It's the purest form of colour that there is,'' Samsung Electronics Australia vice president Philip Newton (pictured above) told Australian Regional Media.

"For example, a gold bar, if you dig away at that gold, down to the nanoscale, you eventually find that gold is actually green.

"So it's understanding the very nature of the original colour, that's what Quantum dots is all about.

"You can vary the colour (and brightness), depending on what you're watching.

"If you are watching a very dark movie, you might want to brighten it.

"You won't lose (definition). You won't have over-saturation of the image.

"Which is the first of its kind in the world where you have that.. you don't lose that detail.''

"So it's just the ultimate in TV viewing.''

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The writer is in Las Vegas covering CES 2017 as a guest of Samsung Australia.

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