A barramundi.
A barramundi. CONTRIBUTED

1.35M MONSTER: The massive barra lurking in Coast waterways

SUNSHINE Coast anglers have landed some impressive barramundi in recent days, including a 1.35m monster.

Carpenters and keen fishermen Luke Elson and Brae Salmond popped down to their local spot on the Maroochy River last week and managed to snare a pair of barras.

A fish that is more common to the northern waters, the pair have noticed the amount of barramundi found on the Coast has risen.


"Most people think you can only catch them up in far north Queensland where there are crocs around, but we are seeing more than ever," Mr Elson said.

"It really makes it a catch of a lifetime to get one at your local spot.

"Once they get to the surface they start to jump and thrash around, they're full of fight. So it is easy to lose them but with a bit of patience you can bring them in safely.

"We've come across a lot in Maroochy River but people are finding barra frequently from Noosa to the Pumicestone Passage."

Last Thursday the boys caught two just under one metre long, but have heard rumours of one caught at Noosa over 1.35m in length.

Both beasts gave them a fight for were landed within 10 minutes.


Mr Elson believes the barramundi have made their way down to our waterways for a number of reasons.

"The Bli Bli waterpark is an obvious one, that has played a part," he said.

"Barra have been caught on the Coast for forever but they are definitely increasing.

"Some people also have them as pets and release them when they get too big. But also the rising water temperatures push them down south.

"They're now able to live in our waters. The numbers have really grown."

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