13 mums breastfeed at once and the photo is beautiful

PHOTO SHOOT: A group of Bundaberg mums and bubs took part in Morgan Parremore's portrait session which aims to normalise breastfeeding.
PHOTO SHOOT: A group of Bundaberg mums and bubs took part in Morgan Parremore's portrait session which aims to normalise breastfeeding.

IT'S an image that evokes emotion, discussion, is thought-provoking and beautiful.

Thirteen local mothers dressed in floral, breastfeeding their babies as the warm afternoon light seeps through the forest trees.

The photograph is the creative work of Bundaberg photographer Morgan Parremore and the theme is something the mother of four is passionate about.

"I think there is definitely still a stigma when it comes to breastfeeding in public and mothers shouldn't feel ashamed of it," she said.

"This photo shoot was all about normalising and celebrating breastfeeding because really, it should be allowed to be done anywhere you wish."

Ms Parremore said a similar project from the Australian Breastfeeding Association inspired her to create the Bundaberg photograph.

"They do similar style photo shoots around the nation and it is something I have wanted to do for quite some time," she said.

"I advertised my idea through my Facebook page and the response blew me away."

Ms Parremore said she received message after message from interested women and ended up creating three separate sessions - in August, September and October.

"I didn't realise there would be so much interest," she said.

"I was really excited and actually quite shocked."

"We have just completed the first shoot and there will be two more to follow."



Morgan Parremore with her daughter Yasmine Hewitt.
Morgan Parremore with her daughter Yasmine Hewitt.

The August session included 13 mothers and their babies.

The women chose a floral theme as well as the location, at the Pine Forest on the Bundaberg Childers Highway.

"We were out there from 3pm until about sunset and it was beautiful," Ms Parremore said.

"We also did some topless photos which have turned out just gorgeous."

Ms Parremore said the breastfeeding theme was an important one for her, and many others, who have been made to feel shame when feeding their child.

"One of the mothers at the shoot said she had been through a horrific start to her breastfeeding journey and had anxiety about breastfeeding in public," she said.

"I am a mum of four and breastfed all of my own children.

"I remember once my youngest was screaming his head off when we were out shopping.

"There were no parent rooms so I started feeding him out the front of the shops and I remember getting horrible looks from people walking by."

Ms Parremore said breastfeeding should not be frowned upon.

"No one should be shamed for feeding their baby in public," she said.

"It is a completely natural thing and that is what this photo shoot celebrates."

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