The boys who found $100,000 cash at Tuntable Creek have been sent away from home as national media descends on the area.
The boys who found $100,000 cash at Tuntable Creek have been sent away from home as national media descends on the area. Tweed Daily News

Media harasses $100,000 boys

THE mother of two Tuntable Creek boys who found $100,000 cash in a creek has had to send them away from home for their own protection.

As the national media attention escalated yesterday, police pleaded with news crews to stop harassing the family.

Inspector Nicole Bruce said police were following a number of leads in their investigations.

“We’d just like the media and other citizens to direct their inquiries through the police media and CrimeStoppers,” she said.

“It’s disappointing the boys’ lives have been disrupted for being honest.

“They are to be admired for their honesty.”

Current affairs crews have been seeking to interview the  boys who handed the cash into police on Friday.

One trespassing television reporter actually entered the boys’ home through the back door yesterday, walking right through the house and catching the boys’ mother completely off guard.

Others drove up the drive but complied with the family’s request to leave.

The boys’ mother is determined to protect her sons’ privacy and is concerned the attention will distract from their preparation for the Higher School Certificate coming up next month.

She has taken the boys out of school and they are staying with friends outside the area.

“Really, I’m not buying in to it. They can hang around for another week if they want. As long as they spend their money in our motels and businesses,” she laughed.

“It seems people think we were wrestling with the decision to hand the money in. Of course you do think about the pros and cons in a situation like this, but we just had three close deaths in our community and a friend was just diagnosed with cancer. It was a lot to cope with and we simply couldn’t deal with this till now.

“Anyway, how on earth could I hide it away and expect the boys to partake in such a charade? Any decent mother knows that would be like poison to them.

“No, we knew straight away that that kind of money comes with consequences, but it was fun to dream. I’d also just worked a 10-day shift. Would I do that if I thought I’d hit the big time?”

Police are still trying to determine the source of the money and are appealing to the public for information.

They said that the kids had done the right thing and that the money may go back to the family, but it was too soon to tell.

Police also warned if people made frivolous claims they would be investigated and possibly charged.

The boys found the money three weeks ago when fishing at their favourite spot at Tuntable Creek.
The cash totalled $95,910 in mixed denominations.

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