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Muslim prayer leader charged over beach attacks on women

Story Published: 1 Aug 2013

A MUSLIM prayer leader has been charged over the alleged attacks of three women on Sydney’s northern beaches this week.

Campaign urges women to embrace '100% unretouched' beauty

Story Published: 7 Jun 2013

RESEARCH has shown that many Australian women retouch their online photos to enhance their beauty, but a new campaign is...

UK blocks airbrushed ad that runs in NZ

Story Published: 31 Aug 2013

AN ADVERTISEMENT for a moisturising cream used in New Zealand has been banned in Britain after authorities ruled lines on a...

Hollywood silences leading ladies as speaking roles slump

Story Published: 16 May 2013

SPEAKING roles for women in Hollywood blockbusters have fallen to their lowest level in five years, a new report has...

Lung cancer on rise in women

Story Published: 22 Jun 2012

LUNG cancer is on the rise for Australian women and Cancer Council is calling on all females to quit smoking for good.

Come on girls, bust a move and help a fabulous cause

Story Published: 21 Feb 2013

BRAS - some of us love them, others can't stand the thought, but one lady is calling for women to unclip their lady-lump...

Stress may cause breast cancer for professional women

Story Published: 10 Jun 2013

SUCCESSFUL women may be more likely to develop breast cancer – and stress at work, including prejudice, discrimination, and...

Mining and construction lag in equally representing women

Story Published: 21 May 2013

WOMEN are almost equally represented in all workplaces around Australia, but the number of women in the mining and...

Regional women worst hit by Coalition superannuation cuts

Story Published: 26 Nov 2013

WOMEN on low incomes living in regional areas will be the worst hit by a cut to Federal Government superannuation...

ADF 'must address gender imbalance'

Story Published: 22 Aug 2012

THE effectiveness of Australia’s Defence Force will be compromised unless more women are recruited and retained.


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