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Turning 30 ... it's the new crisis time for modern women

Story Published: 14 Oct 2012

FIFTY might be the new 40 and 30 the new 20, but formany women, their 30th birthday is one of the scariest.

Muslim prayer leader charged over beach attacks on women

Story Published: 1 Aug 2013

A MUSLIM prayer leader has been charged over the alleged attacks of three women on Sydney’s northern beaches this week.

Bras do nothing to help support women's breasts: research

Story Published: 17 Apr 2013

WOMEN don't need to wear a bra, a new French study suggests, saying the under-garment is a "false necessity".

Stress may cause breast cancer for professional women

Story Published: 10 Jun 2013

SUCCESSFUL women may be more likely to develop breast cancer – and stress at work, including prejudice, discrimination, and...

Chicks can fish too

Story Published: 26 Feb 2014

I AM a regular at Maroochy River fishing with the boys on our tinny, about 4 out the 7 nights I'm there.

NFAW guide to help women compare election issues

Story Published: 29 Aug 2013

A FEMINIST organisation will release a policy guide it says will help women “use their vote wisely” on election day.

The vagina debate

Story Published: 23 Jul 2012

DOCTOR Anja Szabo has seen countless vaginas. As a gynaecologist for many years, and an obstetrician for the past five...

Pantene ad targets female labels - protest or dollar push?

Story Published: 10 Dec 2013

IN A bold move away from traditional advertisements Pantene Phillippines has taken aim at women being unfairly labelled in...

Morning-after pill warning: they may not work for some

Story Published: 2 Apr 2014

WOMEN have been warned that widely-used morning-after pills might not prevent pregnancy if they weigh more than 70kg.

Kate shows the staying power of women on farms

Story Published: 28 Mar 2014

KATE Groves has worked in many sectors of agriculture but she could never stay away from the family farm.


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