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Gina Rinehart says mining industry used as govt ATM

Video Published: 17 May 2013

Gina Rinehart spoke by video link to the Australian Minerals and Metals Association conference in Melbourne today.

Harlem Shake miners lose jobs

Video Published: 4 Mar 2013

The miners who filmed their take on the Harlem Shake while on a shift at the Agnew gold mine have lost their jobs.

NSW Govt may allow mining companies onto private land

Story Published: 10 Dec 2013

LEAKED documents hint at changes to the Petroleum (Onshore) Act to give coal and gas mining companies access to private...

Mining offers career opportunities for everyone.

Story Published: 14 Dec 2013

THERE’S a whole lot more to mining than the dig-it-up part.

Economy has grown 4.3% in 12 months

Story Published: 6 Jun 2012

AN ebullient Wayne Swan used every adjective he could muster to describe the March national accounts report released on...

Boom could see unemployment hit 4.5%

Story Published: 26 Apr 2012

AUSTRALIA’S unemployment rate could hit 4.5% by next year if the mining boom continues its relentless growth, says former...

What mining is worth to us

Story Published: 13 Dec 2012

MINING uses only 0.09% of Queensland’s land mass but during the 2011–2012 financial year delivered $35 million in gross...

Full steam ahead for mining in CQ

Story Published: 30 Oct 2012

ALMOST $13 billion in coal projects are being built in Central Queensland.

Mining in Central Queensland is here for the long term

Story Published: 18 Sep 2013

THE resources sector has a long-term future.

Race for coal puts Galilee Basin at risk of destruction

Story Published: 27 Nov 2013

IN THE book of Joshua, the biblical city of Jericho is destroyed as God sends thousands of foreign invaders, ensuring its...

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