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Harlem Shake miners lose jobs

Video Published: 4 Mar 2013

The miners who filmed their take on the Harlem Shake while on a shift at the Agnew gold mine have lost their jobs.

Gina Rinehart says mining industry used as govt ATM

Video Published: 17 May 2013

Gina Rinehart spoke by video link to the Australian Minerals and Metals Association conference in Melbourne today.

Mining offers career opportunities for everyone.

Story Published: 14 Dec 2013

THERE’S a whole lot more to mining than the dig-it-up part.

Uranium protest

Video Published: 29 Oct 2012

Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance campaigner Robin Taubendfeld led protesters in Brisbane to voice opposition to the...

Coalmines ramp up exports

Story Published: 17 Jul 2013

QUEENSLAND coal mines are pumping up their exports, with BHP Billiton reporting an increase in production for the past...

FIFO workers satisfied but will chase higher salary: survey

Story Published: 9 Oct 2013

MINING workers on fly-in, fly-out rosters are reportedly satisfied with their work arrangements but will change jobs in the...

Police charge Rocky 'trainer' over fraudulent certificates

Story Published: 6 Feb 2014

UPDATE 12.30PM: POLICE believe fraudulent training certificates may have been issued as far back as 2012...

It's time to acknowledge the real cost of coal

Story Published: 12 Jun 2014

IT is time to eradicate the myth that coal doesn’t cost much, researchers say. In reality, it is costing humanity more than...

Father killed in mine gas trap left a family behind

Story Published: 11 May 2014

A MINER, killed when he was caught in a suspected gas pocket at Grasstree Mine, has left behind his wife Melissa and two...

Queensland still place for jobs in mines, says recruiter

Story Published: 17 Jul 2014

QUEENSLAND is still the place to be if you’re looking for a job in the mines, with engineers, electricians and safety...

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