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Farmer strapped to drill rig and refusing to budge

Story Published: 3 Mar 2014

TENSIONS are rising at a coal seam gas exploration site in the NSW North West where a farmer who strapped himself to a...

NSW Govt may allow mining companies onto private land

Story Published: 10 Dec 2013

LEAKED documents hint at changes to the Petroleum (Onshore) Act to give coal and gas mining companies access to private...

Knitting Nannas lock Parliament House in CSG protest

Story Published: 21 Jun 2013

MARNY Bonner is not going to forget her first trip to Parliament House in a hurry.

Stop laughing! Metgasco refers teen's April 1 prank to ASIC

Story Published: 3 Apr 2014

FINALLY, in case there was any doubt, the author of the fake Metgasco press release has issued a statement spelling out...

Leo Sayer sings: no fracking way to pro CSG debate

Story Published: 30 Dec 2013

VETERAN British-born rocker Leo Sayer has thrown his cultural cache behind the anti-coal seam gas movement with the release...

CSG industry claims the hearts and minds of the people

Story Published: 15 Jul 2013

THE battle for hearts and minds over coal seam gas is far from won, despite both sides of the argument claiming victory.

Stop the drilling: Katter

Story Published: 30 May 2012

OUTSPOKEN Queensland MP Bob Katter says it is “grossly irresponsible” to continue drilling for CSG while a scientific...

Dad’s fears over CSG mining

Story Published: 1 Apr 2013

BRIAN MONK is convinced that coal seam gas is responsible for the debilitating impacts on his children and grandchildren’s...

Mining companies 'buying approvals'

Story Published: 29 May 2012

MINING companies in Queensland and New South Wales effectively have been able to buy approval for coal seam gas projects...

Committee too late: Cotton Australia

Story Published: 14 May 2012

SOME of Queensland’s biggest CSG operations may escape scrutiny by a new committee established to assess the dangers the...


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