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Offbeat News

UFO focus on Childers

UFO researchers are considering travelling to Childers to investigate sightings in bush near the town.


Former editor of the Byron Shire News Digby Hildreth.

Topic of Cancer: Time to take the cuffs off cannabis, Tony

It was awfully decent of the PM to drop into a cancer clinic and show his concern for the sick, demonstrating his “passionate support” for medical research.


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ByronBayBackyard - Byron Bay Dc

Oh poobah, I'm so sorry to read that Digby ... I'm picturing you on the beach with your son late afternoon when I was sitting waiting for an Osprey shot and you telling me one of the blessings was your relationship with him. I freaking hate those heart...



MAIN PICTURE: Michael Balderstone with totem poles rescued from the ruins of the Nimbin Museum and surrounding businesses destroyed by fire last month.

Nimbin wants site of fire to become open air shared space

AN OPEN air community and cultural space is what the Nimbin community is now dreaming of for the site of last month’s devastating fire.


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picman2 - Coffs Harbour

Its not hard to reproduce older style heritage look buildings. If you don't watch out they'll just city design you out of favour. Keep to what you had and have, and then just duplicate the buildings in the same manner. Once a town gives up its heritage...

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If you have been trying to kick an old habit, your resolve will be much stronger now. Overcoming this problem will also put more cash in your...

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