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Former editor of the Byron Shire News Digby Hildreth.

Topic of Cancer: To everything there is a season: we move on

Newspaper office work, with all its appurtenances – the screen, the personal rubbish bin, the teamwork and the banter – grips one quickly, like an old habit.

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StaceyX - Washington Valley

A couple of weeks ago I was in a dark period in my life, the man I love to bits had gone off with someone else, that was when I was told about this Dr Lababa. Well he told me he could see that we would get back together that gave me hope, and he was...


Park in a disabled spot and you'll lose a point from licence

FROM Monday, people who park in disabled spaces without a permit will risk more than a fine and an earful from a cranky community member.

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rational - Lismore

The best sign I've seen on "accessible" (the in term for "disabled") car parks was in Inala, Brisbane. Someone had stuck some rather professional-looking letters underneath the official wording, announcing: "Stupidity and ignorance are not...

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You will come to realise that a friendship is not going to fulfil you on every level. You should accept this and try to find fulfilment through...

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