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ANGLING Mullumbimby Ex-Services Angling Club The club held their AGM recently, the new committee, Pres. Len Evans, Vice Pres, Peter Storey, Sec.John Short, Assist Sec, Robyn Smith,Tresurer,Bertha Evans, Capt.Recorder,Stewart Kerr, Assist. Recorder, Bruce Venn, Weigh Master, Phil.Staff, Auditor Maurie Maher, Publicity Officer, Len Evans. The first.outing of the Tony Carsburg Holden Championship for 2008 -2009 was held recently, only 12 fish weighing weighed in. Heaviest bag and outing winner was Phil Staff with 40 points. Biggest fish a Javelin was landed by Robyn Smith. Brunswick Bait & Tackle monthly winner was Stewart Kerr. Next Outing.Sat November 22, 2pm - 10pm. Next meeting Mon.Nov 24, , BOWLS Brunswick Heads Women Social bowls: 28-10-08 E Beddoes F Parkes 24 def P Appel D Guest 14 B O'Donnell L Earca T Rynehart 24 def J Loomes N Stearman J Kearney 16 D Holland D Batson J Wright 21def L AndrewsB Boorman B Rose 20 raffle won by B Booman Reminders: Patrons Day 11-11-08 Eulie & Thel look forward to seeing you all on the green, afternoon tea after game: 2 Bowl Triple Day Nov 20. Ocean Shores Men Monday 20/10: Self Select Triples. 1st: Don Hammond, John McGuire, Mark Danswan; 2nd: Bruce Payne, Kevin Hosie, Rod Roberts. Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women Oct 28 social A.Ellem, J.Beaumont 23 (Rink Winners) V J.Morrow, J.Kidman 9 H.Robb, J.Towner 27 V R.Mills, G.Henry 10 K.Johnstone, J.Lee, B.Reglin 25 V M.Bertoli, S.Brown, B.Croft 20 Raffle: S. Brown Congratulations to Cudgen Leagues on winning District Shield with 5 wins, 1 draw,(110 points) 2nd -Pottsville 5 wins (111 points) 3rd - Mullumbimby 5 wins (90 points), well done by R.Thompson, J.Lee, J.Kidman, B.Croft & S.Brown, B.Reglin, H.Robb, J.Beaumont Ocean Shores Women's: Wed 29 Oct: (Out of the hat): M Oliver, K Farrell, B Sprengel (winners) def. E Miller, J Hogarth, W Sprengel; S Woolford, N Russell, M Flesser def. S Woolford, C Chidlow, N Gartner; B Paine, A Slater def. A Hauser, J Lofts; Consistency Singles: J Bartlett (runner-up) def G Johnston Fri 31 Oct - (Out of hat) J Bartlett, L Mason def. M Enright, G Johnston; J Cornwell, C Timewell, L McGowran def. E Hill, B Stone, M Flesser; P Hems, N Russell, N Gartner (runners-up) def. J Seamer, D Grant, M Hosie; Consistency Singles: T Warr (Winner) def. M James Coming events: Golfer / Bowler Day 14 Nov. Mullumbimby Ex Services Wednesday 29th October. Triples; L.Boyter, J.Canabou, L.Henry 27.d S.Purdie, B.Moore, F.Buckley 17. B.Rose, R.Barnes, S.Brecard 21.d G.McDonald, R.Philps, P.McDonald 18. G.Schneider, N.Newton, T.Johnston 21.d D.Ottery, A.Bartlett, A.Johnstone 20. D.Henry, T.Trivett, B.Gibson 21.d D.Kidby, T.Batson, K.Buckman 20. Saturday 1st November. Semi-Final Minor Pairs; A.Bartlett,M.Thorne 20.d R.Fenwick,T.Fenwick 19. Social; G.Smith,C.Thorne,J.McKay 27.d D.Kidby,M.Bertoli,T.Batson 13. K.Hall,C.McClymont19.d R.Ford,H.McKenna 14. Sunday 2nd November. Semi-Finals Mixed Fours; M.Bertoli,S.Brown,M.Esau,M.Brown 25.d B.Reglin,T.Fenwick,J.Towner,K.Buckman 24. J.Beaumont,S.Purdie,R.Day,B.Croft 20.d L.Estreich,J.Lee,N.Lee,S.Dettman 18. Final Minor Pairs Saturday 8th November, Final Mixed Fours Sunday 9th November. Ocean Shores Women Wed 29 Oct: (Out of the hat): M Oliver, K Farrell, B Sprengel (winners) def. E Miller, J Hogarth, W Sprengel; S Woolford, N Russell, M Flesser def. S Woolford, C Chidlow, N Gartner; B Paine, A Slater def. A Hauser, J Lofts; Consistency Singles: J Bartlett (runner-up) def G Johnston. Fri 31 Oct - (Out of hat) J Bartlett, L Mason def. M Enright, G Johnston; J Cornwell, C Timewell, L McGowran def. E Hill, B Stone, M Flesser; P Hems, N Russell, N Gartner (runners-up) def. J Seamer, D Grant, M Hosie; Consistency Singles: T Warr (Winner) def. M James Coming events: Golfer / Bowler Day 14 Nov. Byron Bay Women Next Tuesday, 11th November is Life Members and Patrons Day. All members invited to come and share this day with our Life Members and Patrons. A morning of great fun and friendship. 18th November is Committee Meeting after bowls, for those on our committee. Our President's Friendship Day has now been moved to Tuesday 2nd December. All members are asked to invite a friend to come along and share in the 'Fun & Friendship'. Anyone interested, who may not be a member, is also welcome. Come along and share in the friendship, play a bit of lawn bowls if you are interested. New ladies welcome! , BRIDGE Ocean Shores 29/10:N-S:1st gross:W/P Keyte;2nd gross:D Gall/R Keyte:1st net:J Selleck/B Simons;2nd net:P Hems/L Baldwin.E-W:1st gross/net:K Westall/R Heale;2nd gross/net:M Clark/M Fleming. Brunswick Valley 27/10/08 N/S lst gross P.Hems/M.Downey, lst net 2nd gross D.Gall/J.Wright E/W lst gross & net J.Murray/P.Sullivan, 2nd gross & net D.Grant/F.Patterson 1/11/08 N/S lst gross & 2nd net P.Baldwin/E.Sherry, 1st net & 2nd gross B.Simons/J.Selleck E/W lst gross & net R.Heale/C.Wellings, 2nd gross M.Solway/W.Keyte, 2nd net S.Easterbrook/B.Powell , GOLF Ocean Shores Men's Veterans Thursday, 30/10: Single Stableford. 56 Starters; 1st: Jim Sullivan 40 pts CB; 2nd: John Conquoror 40; 3rd: Darcy Sharp 39. NTP 3rd: H/C 0-19 Barry Smith; H/C 20+: Juan Price. 6th: Wilf Sprengel. The Phantom's Pin 8th John Conqueror. Vice President's Pin 12th: John Wark. 15th: John Maynard. 17th H/C 0-19 John Conqueror; H/C 20+ Arthur Donaldson. Vice Captain's Gorilla Award: H/C 0-19 Peter Slater. H/C 20+ Les Hoffman. Club Cash Run 25 pts. Balls to 34. Mullumbimby Men Date: 29/10/08 Single Stableford Sponsor: Westfarmers Winner: G.Jenner Score: 42 pts Runner Up: M.Trivett Score: 41 pts Nearest the Pins: 9th A.Berry. Ball Rundown: G.Jenner, M.Trivett, B.Henshaw, P.Hastrich, K.Seibold, R.Lawler, C.Went, K.Lawler, J.Mathews, L.Taylor, R.Walker, B.McBurney. Date: 1/11/08 Event: Monthly Medal Sponsor:True Value Hardware Ocean Shores Winner: A Grade,T.Donnelly B Grade N.Emmanoilidis C Grade K.Harvey [overall winner] Score: Runner Up: A.Grade A.Lumsden, B.Grade, J.Turton C Grade, M.Paron Nearest the Pins: 5th R.Phillips , 9th D.Smith , 12th J.Hopper, 17th K.Myers Ball Rundown: Balls went to 72 c/b. Date: 2/11/08 Event: Mixed foursome Sponsor: Treevan Ford Winner: S.Brecard & J.GriffinScore: 120 gross Runner Up: P.& J Towner Score: 102 ? nett. Nearest the Pins: 12th Ladies D.Cullen. Men S.Brecard. Ball Rundown:Next mixed event Sunday 30/11/08 2 Person Ambrose. Byron Bay Ladies October 28, Stableford Sponsored by Byron Milk Supplies. Number of players 45 Division 1 Winner, M. Parker 39points Division 1 Runner-up, M. Carney 37 points Division 2 Winner, S. Hetherington 38 points Division 2 Runner-up, J. George 37 points Division 3 Winner, G. Hodgson 41 points Division 3 Runner-up, B. Porter 39 points NTP's Pro Pin 8th, Audrey Ryan Suffolk Park Bakery 17th hole 2nd shot, Mandy Carney Division 1, Mandy Carney Division 2, Doreen Doran Division 3, Wendy McFadden Congratulations to Mandy Carney with an eagle on the 2nd hole. (Believe you have sore ears Dave from hearing about it.) October 30 Stroke round Number of players 44 Division 1 Winner, S. Larsson, 70 nett Division 1 Runner-up, M. Parker 71 c/b Division 2 Winner, R.Schreiber 69 nett Division 2 Runner-up, M. Vincent 72 nett Division 3 Winner, M. Alford 72 nett Division 3 Runner-up V. Hickey 74 nett NTP's Division 1 M. Parker, Division 2 M. Kelly Division 3 J Manson Ocean Shores Men Mon 27/10/08 Stableford Medley 1st P Watts(17) 44 Pts, R/U T Mitchell(9) 41 Pts NTP 3rd R Macdonald 17th W Keating Balls to 33 Pts Wed 29/10/08 Stableford 1st R Barnes(16) 41 Pts, R/U A Thompson(8) 40 Pts, 3rd T Iverson(22) 39 Pts NTP 3rd R Barnes 6th k Tilling 8th L Reid 12th M Gartner 15th A Shambler 17th I Miller; Balls to 35 Pts; Propin Winners R Barnes (42cms) $129 T Iverson, G Player, G Conway, A Shambler, W Sorrell, R Macdonald, N Comer, L Whitby Fri 31/10/08 Stroke Blue Marker Challenge Overall Winner W Dobson(16) 67 Nett Shirt & Plaque Div 1 1st C Kaehler(4) 68 Nett, r/u J Medlicott(5) 69 Nett Div2 1st G Bourke(13) 71 Nett, r/u D Schwarz(12) 72 Nett Div 3 1st W Dobson(16) 67 Nett, r/u E Pittendrigh(16) 68 Nett Gross 1st J Haywood(4) 79 Gross, r/u S Kinsley(5) 79 Gross NTP 3rd P Sobels 6th C Chidlow 8th C Kaehler 12th G O'Donnell 15th A Rose 17th T Webber Breakers W Dobson,j Medlicott, C Kaehler, E Pittendridgh Balls to 79 Nett; Propin Winners Balls to 74 Nett Sat 1/11/08 Single Stableford 1st K Kennedy(16) 42 Pts, r/u W Payne(12) 41 Pts, 3rd C Morris(13) 40 Pts NTP 3rd B Sheahan 6th S Stewart 8th M Flesser 15th B O'Gorman 17th A Smith Balls to 33 Pts Propin Winners B Sheahan (184cms) $51.00 K Kennedy, W Payne, C Morris, A Hobson, N Alidenes, G Ward, W Blair, B Stewart, I Wingad, M Carter, R Moffit, P Moore, G Jones, J Starcic, J Hatwood. Byron Bay Veterans Monday November 3. Very quiet today due to the heavy rain we had in the morning but, as it worked out, the rain dissipated and it was a beautiful cool day with hardly a breath of wind, perfect for golf. Those who didn't come, missed out on a great day. There were only 19 starters, just enough to hold the comp, and there were some hot scores too. Congratulations to Winner Max Finkenauer on 28 points, 2nd Jonathan Ricketts 28, 3rd poor old Zack Zytnik who wondered what he had to do - 27 points and only came third; he played with Max and it got into a matchplay situation on the last couple of holes, once again Zack came out runner up as he three putted the 8th from just off the green and Max missed his birdie by 1 inch, but then they went in, had a few beers and laughed it off, Peter George 25, Alan Harwood 23, Peter Barry 23 (first of the balls; we forgot to mention Peter last week who would have beat Zack and Barry Mole easily in the gross of the Byron Bay Vets Open but unfortunately he is not eligible, being an ex-pro), Peter Brosnan 23, Peter Kiernan 23, Brian Buckley 22, Mick Trimble 22, Brian Sundstrom 21, Dick Dumbrell 21. There was no Snickers bar today but if there was, Michael Dilli would have won it easily with 18 points. See you all next week for another big one, 18 hole event, Northern Rivers Veterans Championships 2008 to be held at Byron Bay Golf Club. Good luck to everyone, let's hope Byron can win it again. , SOCCER Byron Bay Youth League Byron's Youth League team came up against South Lismore on Friday at the Bay, with another hard-fought game, played in good spirit. Missing Yoshua our keeper, young Jordy Leeson put the gloves on with a creditable first performance in goals, especially his well-timed runs. Tested a number of times in the first half, it took a break-through at the 22 minute mark, with the opposition striker one on one with Jordy, before South Lismore got past him to score. Byron players such as Nick, Jake and Lachlan were putting good pressure on their opponents, with Yantra outstanding in winning the ball, and good passing between Mav and Tim creating dangerous opportunities for Byron. Coming out of the break one down, the Rams had their backs to the wall for the first 15 minutes of the second half, with some tough and clever defending from Max and the loss of Lachy with injury, while Mitch McGrath was putting himself on the line and delivering some good free kicks. However South Lismore found the net twice in this period, but Byron rallied with Jordy again outstanding. As the momentum changed , there was a good strike from Yantra and some effective movement into attack set up by Jarrad and Keith. Alex's cross from a penalty, after great work from Tai and Nick, almost resulted in a score, then there was some desperate attacking right in the box and finally a long angled strike from Mav after a perfect Alex cross, which just failed to find the top corner. The young Byron team had fought the game out to the end. Newcomers Booth and Jake had shown their mettle. James and Nick had kept the pressure up front against a fast and skilled defence. But this time the visitors went away with the 3-0 win. Ocean Shores Shores United Junior Soccer Club is holding its AGM on Saturday November 15 at 2pm at Ocean Shores Country Club. All positions will become vacant for 2009 and new committee members and interested parents are encouraged to attend. , SOFTBALL Byron Bay Division 1: Whitesox v Rous RangersWhitesox had a deferred game this week against Rous Rangers and will play a double header at 4pm and 6pm on 15/11/08.Division 3: Byron Bay Redsox v Breakaways B1Byron Bay Redsox played a good game winning 16-6 against Breakaways B1. Annalies Melene pitched a great game to Simone Reaney at catcher who also took two fly catches. Mary Juhasz at shortstop combined well with Deb Bond at second base and Sarah Knapp at third base to make some good put outs while Kate Frohm took a good catch at left field. Annalies Melene, Freya Lindquist and Rani Lindquist had a good day with the bat and hit some good line drives through the infield gaps to the outfield. A consistent effort with the bat backed up by a solid performance in the field was key to Redsoxs win.Under 13's Mixed: Byron Bay SuperSox v Dodgers MustangsEven though their numbers were down SuperSox played a good game going down to Dodgers 15-7. Linzi Stewart, Zayla Arthur and Mary Juhasz all batted well. Freya Lindquist took a good infield fly catch at first base and Azlan Currie had a good game at second base positioning herself well and backing up the plays. This newly formed side with both experienced and beginner players will only improve with some more match practice.The club is looking for more players for our senior womens teams at both social and commpetitive levels as well as our mixed junior Under 13's side (transport can be arranged for the juniors to get to the game and to practice). Even if you have never played before or for a while please come along to training at Bangalow Showground Thursday 5.30pm or call Tracey on 66 809901 or 0413 682 469. , SURFING Byron Bay Boardriders Byron Bay Boardriders held its final club round for 2008 at 'The River Mouth' in half metre surf. All divisions were contested with final yearly results to be announced at the Presentation. Our Presentation and AGM will now be held on Sunday 16th of November at 3.00pm. All members and family are welcome to attend. We are looking for fresh faces to join our committee! Please contact Kell prior to the AGM on 0402813958 for nominations. All positions are vacant. Get creative and design our 2009 Club T Shirt. There will be a competition for all club members to come up with a design for next year's shirt. Check out the website for more information. November Round Results: Open: 1st Scott Burmester, 2nd Luke Archibald, 3rd Torren Martyn, 4th Lee Miller Masters 1st Neil Cameron, 2nd Dave Hamilton, 3rd Paul Sullivan, 4th Geoff Mitchell Seniors 1st Lee Miller, 2nd Chris Knight, 3rd Scott Allen, 4th Lloyd Lawton Women's 1st Sally Miller, 2nd Coco Allen, 3rd Maddi King Juniors 1st Dominic Sullivan, 2nd Sam Steinhauer, 3rnd Zira O'Gaia 4th Adrian Hastings Cadets 1st Mackie Walker, 2nd Henry Phillips 3rd Tommy Boucat, 4th Peter Jorgensen, 5th Kurt Lemming 6th Nick Timms Fleas 1st Jordon Congdon 2nd Seb Branton, 3rd Matt Dart, 4th Tye Norton 5th Will Harbison, 6th Braden McHugh Micro Groms 1st Lachlan Foster, 2nd Kian Shah ar, 3rd Kyuss King, 4th Rusty Rochfort. , SURF CLUBS Byron Bay Last proficiency this year this Sunday 8.30 am sharp. Patrols: Sat 8th Nov, 10am till 3pm; Peter Hogan PC, Ryan Timperly, Martin Timperly, Will Bain-Jones, Ryder Court, Joel Fittness, Alex Power, Ryan Woodward, Emma Woodward, Ben Lawrence, Sean Patterson, Mitchell Phillips. Sun 9th Nov, 9am till 4pm Dan McCabe PC, Steve Killingbeck, Scott Sewell, Lance O'Connor, Steve Hutchinson, Rex Stewart, Sarah Hutchinson, Kate Hutchinson.

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