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Send-off for Laura-Kate

THIS year could be the last time that former Lennox Head dancer Laura-Kate Terry performs with herbeloved Byron Ballet.




Nancy Janson with her huge lemon.

Pee power: Why this lemon is a wee bit bigger

WHEN life gave Nancy Janson lemons, one grew to an unusually large size. And she has a pretty good idea why, given the tree's location near her husband's shed.


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Bullnt - Mackay

There was an old man at Winton who fertilised all of his fruit trees and vines with his own bodily waste. He had the best grapes and citrus and no pests as he also used his urine as an attractant and means to an end (in a bottle) for pest traps. ...

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RIGHT WAY: Barbara Paul of All Areas Driver Training merges into the lane near the bridge. She says drivers abuse her even though she changes lanes correctly. Photo Adam Hourigan

Problems emerge as Grafton Bridge markings change

Driving instructor Barbara Paul said in many cases young drivers were more aware of the rule than their parents.


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the zipper method is stil the best way to merge, yes the new lines means the car in front in the left lanemay have the right of way, but IS IT a COMPLETE car length to be classed in front? if the car on the left s just a foot in front of the car on the...


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